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J’Something on how he writes songs, why he’s not an a-hole, a new secret project and his incredible unlikely friendship with Hugh Masekela

S02 Ep19: Whats Your Poison with Jon Savage and J’Something of Mi Casa. 
J’ Something is like the American dream but for South Africans. He’s got a pure heart, a wide open soul, is crazy (annoyingly) talent, is incredibly successful and is clearly not an asshole. WTF???? ?
Check out this conversation about his amazing life story, his view on life, his passion for music and being a father and a husband and his incredible friendship with Hugh Masekela. Also check out the impromptu song-writing session in the middle if you want to be depressed for the rest of your life.
A beautiful interview over a wicked bottle of 12 year old ANCNAC (pronounced “a-noc”) thanks to my lovely friends at Whisky Brother. Seriously, guys if you are whisky fan like me, there is nothing else to consider, visit whiskybrother.com.